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Local Everywhere From Anywhere

Main Street Shopping Benefits Include

Easy To Use Mobile Storefront

True Local Search Using Geos

Stripe Credit Card Processing

Automated Sales Tax Calculations

Offer Local Delivery & Pickup


Built-In Order Notifications

One-Click To Accept Orders

Quick Print Packing Slip

Main Street Vs. Wall Street


Within ARknet, MainSt.Shopping will be launching its Main Street VS. Wall Street campaign to help small businesses during these unprecedented times.

We have all been hearing that some Wall Street Conglomerates are realizing record profits and record high stock prices while Main Street USA has seen 21% of its small businesses close with 30%+ revenue decreases for the rest.

One small business alone simply cannot stand up to these corporate giants but millions of us together can.

Built For Main St. Small Business

Lower Fees For Small Businesses Means More Money In Your Pocket

OTHER Platform fees = 25% whereas OUR lower platform fees & competitive Stripe processing fees allows for more hard earned money where it belongs; In YOUR business.

ARknet's GEO Location Based Augmented Reality Social Platform

MainSt.Shopping is built within the ARknet Augmented Reality Social Platform. We strive to level the playing field for small businesses & give you an edge big businesses pay millions for.

Shop Digital Communities. Local Everywhere & From Anywhere

As MainSt.Shopping grows, its users can GEO shop small businesses and support entire communities whether it’s their own or even communities that are thousands of miles away.

Does your Business Qualify For MainSt.Shopping?

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It’s About Your Small Business and Community


Open For Success 

There is finally a way for local “Main Street” business to compete with Big Box and Specialty Stores.  MainSt.Shopping allows local businesses to easily sign up and sell products via Mobile Apps without having prior eCommerce experience. Join our network of communities.

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Be sure to download the app while on a mobile device.
Be sure to download the app while on a mobile device.

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